Only Tag What Matters

Tagging support tickets is a common way to organize them and have the ability to do some reporting. Tagging is a balance act though. It’s important to find the balance between the effort put into tagging and the actual impact of the data created. If no one does anything with the information created by tagging, then it is a waste of effort. Nice-to-have information is a waste of time that could have been spent on need-to-have information. One way to focus the offort put into tagging is to limit what is tagged to a specific topic and a specific time period. And let it be driven by what is needed for decision making right now.

If your product team is currently working on fixing billing issues and will be doing that for the next two sprints, then that is your time window and topic for providing useful information. Get a tag in place and get your team on board with what you’re trying to help the product team do.

Next, getting the information out of your helpdesk and to your product team. One approach is to simply copy a few (~3) examples into an email with a summary of what you think is important for the product team to consider..

“The emails this week look a little more angry than last week. Here are some examples:

Email 1: […]
Email 2: […]
Email 3: […]

In addition to fixing the issue we should keep the explanation in place and update it with references to the new functionality.”

So the steps you need to take are these:

1. Go talk to your product team.
2. Find out what they are working on right now.
3. Pick an area where information from support tickets can be helpful.
4. Create a tag for this tickets if you don’t have it yet.
5. Tag those tickets for two weeks and share with the product team.

Only Tag What Matters

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