Make Your Insights Impactful

A critical component in making support conversations useful to other teams and finding the right format to deliver the information in. Get this wrong, and all the other work will be wasted despite all good intentions. We will want to find a way to communicate that is both efficient and effective. Efficient, so it requires the least amount of work on your part. And effective, so it has the maximum impact for the receiving team. Once again we have to step out of our own situation and into the mindset of the person who we are trying to get to understand and internalize the information we’re sharing with them.

Be Boring

When sharing information with your colleagues you ideally want to be brief but comprehensive, which is not simple to do. In fact, it’s really hard. One way to help yourself in the beginning is to be as simple as straightforward as possible. In other words, be boring. Don’t worry about the aesthetics of what you’re trying to do for your colleagues here. You’re literally just trying to find the smallest piece of information that will be useful to them.

So find that information and then find the easiest way for you to repeatedly produce it and deliver it to them. A simple email may be the way to go. Or adding an agenda item to an already existing meeting. The point is that it’s something you need to figure out. That’s where the context of your team comes in. If you’re talking to a product team, they’ll often have a stand up. Maybe that’s the right place to deliver the information, so you would just go and tell them in a couple of sentences, whatever it is they need to know.

For your sales team, they may have one weekly session where they iterate on their pitches, and it may just be 30 minutes. It may be very helpful for them to have an email with a couple of sentences that they can copy paste directly into their pitch and test the next week. By matching your insight and delivery to where you’re hoping your insights will have an impact, you increase the odds of that actually happening hugely.


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Make Your Insights Impactful

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