What Can Support do for Your Product Team?

Let’s look at what information is useful to product teams and how to best deliver it to them. It is important to understand both the goals and the reality of the other teams in your company. For product teams that is often a reality that’s shaped by backlogs and code. The same way a support team’s world is often shaped by tickets or phone calls. They also worm in a reality of constant time and resource constraints, which leads to them having to make trade-offs.

Support teams can help product teams with things like identifying bugs that need to be fixed, channeling feature requests from customers, and other explicit feedback users have. But the real value comes in understanding the users’ context and reality and bringing that richer information, those stories about the everyday challenges of a customer, to the product team. Because that’s helpful when they’re trying to figure out what to prioritize next. They’ll probably be looking at feature usage and things like that, but giving them that richer understanding of what a feature actually means to a user can be very impactful.

So the first objective is going to be to get an understanding of how we can really help the product team:

  1. Go to them and ask for their roadmap
  2. Ask what their biggest challenge is right now


Interested in what support can do for the rest of your company?
Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 11.20.58 AM

What Can Support do for Your Product Team?

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